Annual Giving

THE ANNUAL GIVING CAMPAIGN is a series of yearly fundraising events for the purpose of raising much-needed funds to benefit the students of St. Mary Interparochial School. 


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“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I stand awe-struck wondering how many forests St. Mary’s has planted since its founding in 1782. Like a compact seed on the grounds of our National Park, St. Mary’s provides her students with all the rich nutrients necessary to grow and develop into mighty oaks.

As each of my three children has graduated from elementary school and gone on to different high schools and colleges, I have grown more certain of the strong foundation they received during their formative years at St. Mary’s. As an academic institution, St. Mary’s credentials are incontrovertible; our students have gone on to distinguish themselves in every high school across the region. While I appreciate the solid academic foundation my children received from each of their extraordinary teachers at St. Mary’s, it is her unique culture of loving respect for which I am most grateful. I clearly recall our first visit to St. Mary’s, (many years ago now), when we were visiting kindergartens for our first child. I was speechless as I marveled at the eighth graders calling the younger students by name; but it was not only the older students, the principal and staff also seemed to know each child individually. This simple evidence of such a genuine caring, supportive environment impressed me beyond anything else I had seen that day. In this modest little schoolhouse within the heart of a bustling city, we found a unique haven for our children. It is this exceptional culture of kindness and respect that distinguishes St. Mary’s above all others.

St. Mary’s continues to nourish thriving forests of young citizens to grow morally, academically, and socially into passionate, confident, Christ-centered leaders of the 21st century, which is why St. Mary’s must be supported and sustained in advancing their mission. Thank you for supporting our mission in preparing Christ-centered leaders!


Angela Holahan

Parent ’15, '18, '21

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Levels of Giving

$10,000 +              Golden Giving Circle

$5,000 - $9,999     Guadalupe Benefactors Circle

$1,000 - $4,999     1782 Circle

$700 - $999           Father John Harding, SJ Circle

$500 - $699           Rev. Robert Molyneux, SJ Circle

$250 - $499           Sisters of Notre Dame Circle

$150 - $249           Magnolia Garden Circle

$100 - $149           Rose Garden Circle

$50 - $99               Friends of St. Mary

Any donation amount is always greatly appreciated.

Personal Giving

If you prefer to create your own personalized giving plan, please contact Christina Haciski, Director of Advancement at 215-923-7522 or

Donations may also be made payable to St. Mary Interparochial School and mailed to St. Mary Interparochial School, Philadelphia, PA 19106.

DONATE: To make a secure online donation to our Annual Giving campaign, pleaseclick here.  

These essential funds assist in providing:

  • A top-rated Academic Program

  • Financial Aid for families in need

  • Technology for the 21st Century

  • Professional Development

  • Necessary building and physical plant maintenance

Thank you for supporting St. Mary Interparochial School!

DONATE: To make a secure online donation to our Annual Giving campaign, please click here!