Art Program

The Art Program is essential to the spiritual, academic and social formation of each student. A dedicated theme brings students, teachers, and parents together as we explore a new subject each year allowing the curriculum to reach all grade levels. The importance of student art awareness is vividly displayed as you walk throughout our school. Our philosophy is to integrate our art lessons with art awareness through community and cultural events.

From murals to clay projects, from self-portraits to origami, our students get to experience them all thanks to our stellar art program.

Support the arts programs at Saint Mary Interparochial School!

walkathon.logo2024 Walk-a-thon rallies and unifies the Saint Mary community in support of Art, Music and Language Studies for the children of our school. Thanks to pledges collected by our students and donations made by our benefactors, we can continue to enrich our curriculum with vibrant programs in these essential subjects. 

Thanks to our annual fundraiser for the arts and its supporters, all students in grades K-8 have access to a weekly art classClick here to learn more about our annual arts fundraiser.

Please click here to learn more about how you can donate or become a sponsor of our Annual Walkathon.

Thank you for supporting the arts at St. Mary Interparochial School!