Happy Thanksgiving from St. Mary Interparochial School!


On this day, and always, we give thanks for all that God has given us. We are thankful for our family, friends, and especially our St. Mary Interparochial School Community!

St. Mary Interparochial School is thankful for the new addition that has been added to our Locust Street cubby! The statue of Mary is from St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi Church, St. Paul's Parish. Prior to the statue's arrival at St. Mary Interparochial, the statue was located outside of the St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi Church's rectory building.

Thank you to our St. Mary families and friends who donated to cover the cost of statue transportation and installation.

Cardullo Family

St. Mary Family, donated the statue to its original location, St. Paul's Parish

Mr. John Hilser

St. Mary Family, donated to help cover the costs of transportation

Mr. Kenneth Grono and Buckminster Green Construction Company

St. Mary Family, donated the materials and labor to create the base for the statue

Mr. Jarlath Muldoon

The mason used for this project, donated his time and service on the statue in memory of his late wife, Trish Morrissey

Mr. Christopher Plymouth

St. Mary Family, donated the St. Mary plaque, which will be installed in the next few weeks on the base of the statue

We are so grateful for the continued support from our St. Mary friends and families. Thank you for supporting St. Mary Interparochial School!


Have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving!