St. Mary STREAM Initiative Kick-Off Event

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

On Wednesday, October 30, St. Mary Interparochial School hosted a STREAM Kick-Off and professional development training workshop to kick off our new STREAM Initiative!

Our St. Mary STREAM Initiative Program is made possible by a grant from the Archdiocesan Educational Fund, a charitable organization created and funded by Matthew H. McClocksey, Jr. (1893-1973) in 1967 to advance Catholic education and evangelization throughout the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Our STREAM training was led by Ms. Jayda Pugliese, principal, who has been named a STREAM Expert by STEM Revolution and has conducted global trainings in Dubai, UAE. Through the workshop teachers learned about best practices in building critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills in students.

During this event, our guests were led through our STREAM Initiative timeline for the next two school years and took a tour of our school.

Our guests were later invited to participate in STREAM activities and team-building exercises, including different Breakout EDU exercises.

These exercises are immersive learning games that bring the challenges of an escape room to the classroom through different subject materials including science, language arts, math, and more!

Once our guests "broke out" of their educational escape rooms, they explored our new mobile STREAM carts, which are full of STREAM activities and supplies, including mini-robots and programming tools, that teachers are encouraged to utilize in their daily classroom lessons.

Thank you to all who attended our STREAM Initiative Kick-Off event!

Please click here to learn more about the Archdiocesan Educational Fund.

What is the St. Mary STREAM Initiative?

Beginning in the 2019-2020 academic school year, St. Mary Interparochial School will provide weekly STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Math) programming to replace its current technology curriculum. This curriculum shift is the result of current research which suggests that in order to prepare students for the 21st Century future workforce, students need to be complex problem-solvers, critical-thinkers, and creative, empathetic and collaborative team members. Through this refocused K-8 STREAM curriculum, students will develop the skills needed to be successful through hands-on, project-based, design thinking, that emphasizes STEAM learning with the added Religious approach.

As a recent addition, the “R” in STREAM will connect students to the world and their faith through various multi-disciplinary projects with a focus on service to God and others. “Religion” answers why project-based service learning is essential in the formation of faithful stewards. Most importantly, STREAM Learning will align with our mission to challenge our diverse student body to grow morally, academically and socially into passionate, confident Christ-centered leaders.

The implementation of this new curriculum will occur in two phases.

Phase One: 2019-2020

STREAM curriculum will be implemented in kindergarten through fourth grade. It will include professional development and grade-level resources for the STREAM Learning Program.

Phase Two: 2020-2021

STREAM curriculum will be implemented in fifth through eighth grade. It will include professional development and grade-level resources for the STREAM Learning Program.

The goal of Saint Mary’s STREAM Learning Program is to implement curriculum that significantly expands problem-solving, critical-thinking, and empathetic and collaborative learning skills among its K-8 students through project-based design thinking, and empathetic learning approaches so that students are better prepared for the more complex, high tech 21st Century workplace while maintaining a strong Catholic identity steeped in Christ-centered values and integrity.

St. Mary Interparochial School thanks the Archdiocesan Educational Fund for providing us with the incredible opportunity to provide our school community with a sustainable STREAM Educational Program.