National History Day Winners Announced

Our two National History Day competitors have learned the amazing news that they have placed first and second in this year's National History Day Competition: Breaking Barriers in History! We are blown away by their dedication throughout the entire process. They have made the entire school community very proud! Way to go! To see a video of the announcement, visit our Instagram by clicking here.

First Place, Patrick H., 7th

Breaking Barriers with the Push of a Button:  How America Ended One Conflict and Started Another
Thesis:  The dropping of the atomic bomb led to the surrender of Japan and the end of WWII, but it also broke a psychological barrier and brought about a new age of nuclear fear. 

Second Place, Zoe D., 7th

The First Computer Ever to Sing:  The Bell Labs Experiment
Thesis:  The development of the first singing computer, IBM 7090, was the first step in breaking the barriers in how we understand the utilization of text to speech programs, the emulation of human speech, and most importantly the expansion of artistic genres.