Keep Collecting Your Box Tops!

Download the app, scan your receipts, and keep the Box Tops coming!

We had such a great dress down day on Friday in celebration of raising $500 towards our Box Tops goal! Please see below for more information on the Box Tops program. We are so grateful to all of you for participating in Boxtops for Education in support of our school library program!

Over the years, you have enabled us to keep our curriculum resources current and our collection strong, benefiting every child in our school.

The Box Tops organization has recently introduced a new, user-friendly Box Tops app which will enable you to scan your store receipts instead of cutting and submitting the clippings from your package. We encourage you to check out the attached information on the Box Tops website to find out how it works:

Download the app, scan your store receipts within 14 days of purchase, and let's keep those Box Tops coming!

****Please note that during the transition, Box Tops will also still be accepting the traditional clippings. They will be collected by classroom teachers as always.****

A special thank you to our friends in Home & School who have facilitated the program for so long!