Announcing the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan

Announcing the 2021-2025 St. Mary Strategic Plan!
Our mission is to challenge our diverse student body to grow morally, academically, and socially into passionate, confident and Christ-centered leaders of the 21st century.
In January 2020, our school community began the critical process of creating a new strategic plan ensuring that we continue to provide an exemplary faith-based Catholic education. Many thanks to all those who participated in this comprehensive process through surveys, focus groups and task forces.
Through these efforts, we have formulated a strong and comprehensive plan that will provide sustainability over the next several years.
Click here for a PDF of our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan
Building on our history and our faith, and with the support of our school and neighborhood community, St. Mary Interparochial will continue to demonstrate excellence in the education and development of well-rounded, globally-aware students who are ready to take the next step toward college and career.
Our sincere thanks to many people who participated in this process.
Steering Committee:
Michael Detweiler
Judge Timothy Savage
Rich Autieri
Jayda Pugliese
Christina Haciski
GOAL: To create an expansive faith formation program that will engage all members of the school community and empower students and graduates to live out their Baptismal promises and to serve one another.
  • Strengthen student participation in Mass at school and at home.
  • Create a First Friday Forum of community witnesses of faith experiences at age-appropriate levels.
  • Plan and implement the creation of the role of a school minister.
  • Create staff roles and responsibilities as they pertain to teaching in a Catholic school in accord with the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.
  • Consistently highlight the Catholic student/class in various media.
GOAL: To fully develop the St. Mary Advancement Office and implement a comprehensive advancement plan.
  • Determine feasibility for a capital campaign to support the building improvement and expansion.
  • If determined feasible, plan and execute a capital campaign.
  • Identify resources and staffing needed to meet the advancement plan.
  • Continue expanding and cultivating major gifts relationships.
  • Establish alumni development through giving and engagement.
  • Highlight and promote the 5th-8th Grade Program.
GOAL: Address the needs of our physical plant, such that it can support our outstanding educational program.
  • Determine the feasibility of a building expansion.
  • Building Enhancement - Enhance current facilities to increase the health and well-being of students, faculty, and staff.
  • Conduct a Safety Audit and set goals to implement new safety measures.
GOAL: Mitigate income risk by increasing revenue through alternate forms of revenue generation.
  • Continue to determine financial schedules for the financial health of the school.
  • Continue to increase resources for financial aid and make it more accessible for our families.
  • Continue to provide a tuition schedule.
  • Provide additional revenue through additional uses of the school building.
  • Explore the feasibility of an endowment.
GOAL: Create structures and ongoing processes to ensure that the St. Mary Board of Limited Jurisdiction (BLJ) operates as a high-performing governance Board.
  • Continue growth and sustainability of Board of Limited Jurisdiction (“BLJ”).
  • The Governance Committee of the BLJ shall assist in the development and evaluation of the BLJ, its members, and committee members through orientation and ongoing Board professional development.
  • The Governance Committee shall be actively involved in succession planning for the BLJ, its Committees, and its members.
  • The Governance Committee will provide a conflict of interest and confidentiality acknowledgment form for all Board and Committee members that protect these interests while not serving as a deterrent for new and/or continued membership in the Board or its committees.
GOAL: To develop and implement an engaging, innovative, and rigorous curriculum that inspires faculty, staff, and students to attain exemplary outcomes that reflect global demands for the 21st century.
  • Evaluate the curriculum and its alignment with current standards.
  • Provide professional development from highly qualified trainers, particularly in writing strategies across academic disciplines.
  • Create a culturally-enriched curriculum in all academic disciplines to further promote school-wide diversity education and multiculturalism.
  • Invest in supplemental technology programs that help teachers differentiate instruction to ensure that their needs and student needs are being met.
  • Continue to foster educational internships and community partnerships to support curriculum across all content areas.