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Reviews from our team of Junior Librarians 2015/2016 - check it out!


Animal Stories:  Classic Starts

Review by Adriana A., grade 3

The book I read contains many stories about animals.  Some are funny, some are sad, but all are clever ways to increase my love of animals.  Two examples are "Brown Wolf" and "How the Elephant Got His Trunk." "How the Elephant Got His Trunk" was very funny because when the crocodile and the elephant child played tug of war it was hilarious.  Whereas the "Brown Wolf" was very sad because he walked away without saying goodby to the people who cared for him many weeks.

Fairy Realm by Emily Rodda

Review by Isabelle B., grade 3

The title of my book is called Fairy Realm and the author's name is Emily Rodda.  The book is about a girl named Jessie.  When Jessie visits her grandmother at Blue Moon she finds a secret realm.  She finds many magical creatures like unicorns and dragons.  Jessie has to face an evil enemy that will destroy the land.  Read the book to find out what happens next in Jessie's adventure.  That is my book review on Fairy Realm.

Space by Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne

Review by Eamon M., grade 3

The book I read this week is called Space.  One thing I learned in it was that cavemen drew stars on their cave walls.  Also, it gives you a bunch of facts from how big it is to how hot or cold it is. I also learned that space is way way bigger than I thought it was!  This book was one of the best books ever written. That is what I did my book review on.

Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney

Review by Charley S., grade 2

I enjoyed Miss Rumphius because it was one of Mrs. Camissa's favorite books, and I can see why!  Miss Rumphius is about a girl named Alice who lived with her grandpa that painted pictures and the figureheads for the prows of ships.  In the evening, Alice sat on her grandpa's knee and listened to his stories of faraway places, and when he finished Alice would say, "When I grow up I too will go to far away places and when I grow old I too will live beside the sea."  "That is all very well little Alice," her grandpa said, "but there is a third thing you must do."  "What is that?" asked Alice.  "You must make the world  more beautiful," said her grandpa.  "All right," said Alice.  Will Alice go to faraway places, live beside the sea, and most important, will Alice make the world more beautiful?  Read the book and find out!

I recommend this book for all ages and think everyone will fall in love with the book.  The illustrations are amazing, the words make so mch sense and are beautifully written.  And it makes me feel like anyone can change the world.  The end.

Fantastic Beasts book coverFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J. K. Rowling

Review by Luciana T., grade 3

I read Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and it was about monsters from a - z.  Fantastic Beasts is a book in the Harry Potter series you can find in the library.  This book has a lot of interesting facts, for example Basilisk - a brilliant green serpent that may reach up to 50 feet in length.  These beasts can be found all over the world without muggles/humans noticing.  The classification of the ministry of magic are xxxxx, which means wizard killer, xxxx which means skilled wizard may handle, xxx which means competent should cope, xx which means harmless, x which means boring.  I recommend this book for people who like Harry Potter and fantastic beasts.

Tales from a Not-So-Smart Miss Know it All by Rachel Renee Russell

Review by Jaiden T., grade 3 

Nikki wants to be a photo layout artist, she signs up for it.  When Mr. Zimmerman reads the positions and names from the WCD News sign up sheet, Nikki did not hear her name called.  She find out that her arch-nemesis, Mackenzie crossed her name off the list.  Nikki started her own business call the "Miss Know it All" where she helps people figure out their problems.  When Mackenzie finds out that Nikki is Miss Know it All, things get out of hand.  What will Nikkio do?  Read to find out!

I recommend this book because it's funny and interesting.  Every page I read I found myself laughing.  Also, this book can teach you a lesson.  I enjoyed this book and I hope you will too!

Rain Forests by Mary Pope Osborne

Review by Ciela E., grade 3

This book is about facts from the rain forest.  One fact I learned was that fungi grows on the trunk of dead treas and on the shady forest floor.  Also, sloths are some of the slowest-moving creatures in the world!!  That's crazy!  This book tells a lot of information on rainforests and I highly recommend this book for people who want info on rainforests.


Reviews from previous years...some old favorites!


Big Nate book coverBig Nate: In a Class by Himself
Review by Jackson, grade 6

This story is about a boy, Nate Wright, who thinks he is destined for greatness during his middle school years. He only has to make it past his dad's toxic breakfast of oatmeal, and his sister Ellen, who constantly brags about her accomplishments in middle school and sucks up to all of the teachers, and the threat of going to summer school. But if you think that is bad, it is only the morning.

Big Nate is a hilarious, action filled book for both boys and girls. This book is about what was supposed to be a great day, turned into a disaster. In this book, it also lets you believe that fortunes can come true. Big Nate: In a Class by Himself is the first in a series of books. This book is a good read for grades 3-8.

Savage Sam
Review by Sophia, grade 6

When Old Yeller was gone, Travis felt empty. He thought nothing could help him. Not even the precious pup Lisbeth gave him from Old Yeller's litter. Soon time passed and the pup, soon named Sam, helped Travis realize that Sam was like Yeller. But everything changed when Bud Searcy and Lisbeth come to warn them. "Indians! Riding all over the country!" Searcy exclaimed. Sending a chill down everyone's spine, Ma and Pa tell Travis and Lisbeth to go get Little Arliss and Sam from the woods. When they find Arliss and Sam, they are fighting a bobcat. This made Travis mad and he tried to stop the fight. Eventually it stopped, but not soon enough. When they looked up, they were surrounded by Indians! What will happen to Lisbeth, Travis, Little Arliss and Sam? What's Ma, Pa and Mr. Searcy going to do about this? You'll have to read the book and find out!

Anyone who read the first book (Old Yeller) will love the sequel Savage Sam. This book shows and teaches what a person will do under pressure trying to protect and survive. The book expresses loyalty, hope, faith and survival, so even if you don't want to read the book, tell your friends about it and enjoy.

Holes book coverHoles
Review by Wes S., grade 4

The book Holes by Louis Sachar is a fascinating story about a boy named Stanley. Stanley Yelnat the 4th. Because of his great great grandfather, they always have bad luck. One day something happened and changed this boys life because he is falsely accused of a crime and gets sent to a boys prison farm. Read this book to find out what happens. It is hilarious!

Because of Mr. Terupt
Review by Thomas C, grade 4

I think Mr. Terupt by Rob Buyea is a very interesting book because it has an awesome twist to the story that I am sure many readers would enjoy. I think Mr. Terupt is one of the best books I have ever read. It has great details to the story and I like how they went through the months for the chapters, and has every character speak about their life and their feelings about the book. I like how the teachers are interested in what the students are interested in. Do you know what I love about the story? I love the character Peter the Prankster because he does amazing pranks. Like when he put Elmer's glue on Luke's shoe and asked him if he had Elmer's sneakers. Also he was drinking water and he squirted it into a puddle, and the principal slipped but didn't know he did it. His nickname is Peter the Pee'er, which I think is a funny part of the story.

Old Yeller
Review by Sophia I., grade 6
Old Yeller by Fred Gipson
Travis is the man of the house now. His Pa went on a journey and won't be back for a while. Travis thought nothing could go wrong, although it's hard to tell when Little Arliss, his brother, is around! Especially since Ma always defends him. Then one day, Travis meets a no good theivin' rascal Old Yeller. After long, Old Yeller steals the family's heart. The only problem is that hydrophobia is going around and many animals are catching it, and one day a wolf comes out and tries to attack Ma and Lisbeth (a resident) and Old Yeller confronts him. What will come of Ma, Lisbeth and Old Yeller? Does the wolf win the fight? Read and find out.

I enjoyed this book for so many reasons, but the main one is how heart-warming and how much it relates to real life. This book is a book many can enjoy and will want everyone to read too. The characters are exciting, the things that occur are thrilling, and I hope you decide to read this book!

Loki's Wolves book coverLoki's Wolves
Review by Jane C., grade  8
Matt is the youngest in a family of achievers, Fen is an outcast, and Laurie is Fen's cousin with a father who won't stay put and a mother who is more concerned with Laurie's little brother. When Fen and Laurie, and Matt are brought together with the knowledge that they are the descendants of Norse gods, they must bring together the other descendants and, hopefully, stop the end of the world and not get killed. This book is a bit like the Percy Jackson series, except with Norse myths instead of Greek ones. It's incredibly interesting with plot twists and action that left me begging for more.

The Hobbit book coverThe Hobbit: The Enchanting Prelude to Lord of the Rings
Review by Sebastian, grade 3
Bilbo is just an ordinary hobbit who doesn't go on any adventures ,until he invites a wizard named "Gandalf" to a tea party and gets some unexpected visitors. In this thrilling adventure Bilbo finds a magical ring that can do wonders. It saves them countless times throughout their journey. I thought this was a wonderful book and it would be great for all ages.

Great Expectations
Review by Jane C, grade 8
Pip, a skinny boy, lives with his brother Joe and sister-in-law in a poor town on the English moor. Joe is a kind blacksmith, but his wife is a strict woman who works Pip to the bone and blames him for everything. When Pip helps an escaped convict with stolen tools and mince pies, he makes a friend - but gets into even more trouble with his family. Pip is eventually taken to be a companion to an old woman, Mrs. Haversham, whose clock stays at the same time and who only wears an old wedding dress. She stays in a big room with cobwebs everywhere and a terribly old and disgusting wedding cake. He also meets a friend with a poor, yet kind, family and a slightly deaf father. Pip meets another child named Estella. She is beautiful, but cruel like Mrs. Haversham; however, Pip is drawn to her. See how Pip fares with his adventure as he grows up, learn the identity of the convict he helped, find out why Mrs. Haversham lives the way she does, why Estella wants to punish all men, and more. I read this book because when I was much younger, my Dad told me the story and I was hooked! Mystery, drama, and a tad of romance by the great Charles Dickens!

Sorcerer's Stone book coverHarry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
Review by Jane C, grade 8
Harry Potter, a boy with long messy hair and a strange scar on his forehead, lives with his mean uncle, terrible aunt, and bullying cousin in the closet under the stairs. He wears his cousin Dudley's old clothes-much too big for him- and is practically alone in the world. That is, until he receives a mysterious letter inviting him to a strange school named Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry is found by a giant man who rides a flying motorcycle and taken to a train on Platform nine and three-quarters. He gets on the train and makes his way to Hogwarts where he will meet new friends, make new enemies, learn magic, and face the force of evil that gave him his strange scar and took his parents away from him. Best book I have ever read with unique plot and fantastic writing!

Lion, Witch, Wardrobe book coverThe Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
Review by Wes, grade 4
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is about 4 kids whose names are Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy. Because of the air raids in the war, they are sent to an old professor's house in the country. After one morning, they decide to explore the building. When they came to one particular room (a wardrobe), Lucy snuck inside it, and what she found was a land called Narnia. When Edmond went to Narnia, he crossed the wicked witch (called the White Witch.) She gave Edmond some of her evil food, Turkish Delight! And Edmond turned evil! Read this book and find out what happens. Beautifully written, enchanting fantasy!

Miss Rumphius book cover

Miss Rumphius
Review by Mrs. Cammisa
Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney is a story about making the world a more beautiful place in your own special way. When young MIss Rumphius was a little girl, she promised herself that she would see the world, and one day come home to live by the sea. But her Grandfather tells her she must do one more thing - read the book and find out what it is! Miss Cooney not only writes with beautiful language, but also illustrates the books with lovely scenes of places far away and close to home. A great read!
PS I also love this story because Miss Rumphius grows up to become a librarian!