Our Identity

St. Mary School Symbol: What it Means to Our Community

As St. Mary has grown and developed, we have looked both inward and outward to define new directions for our future. Our identity as an integral part of the community is a key element of who we are. In 2012 we worked with our families, faculty, and staff to share with us what St. Mary means to them, and how our school is symbolized to the wider community. The overwhelming feedback we received was so important in framing our identity.

Of the many perceptions shared, what was common among them was that St. Mary is a close-knit, caring family that grows together in spiritual and academic pursuits.

Our logo reflects these perceptions and is a synthesis of three main ideas that grow together as one: 

The Heart is one of the most famous religious symbols of the unmitigated love, compassion, and long-suffering of the sacred heart of Christ toward humanity. The heart also represents the love, respect and passion of the St. Mary community of families as we grow together in the heart of the City of Brotherly and Sisterly Love.

The Rose is a frequent symbol for the Virgin Mary, who is often called a “rose without thorns” since she was free of original sin. The five petals represent several things at once:  the five joys of Mary, the five letters in her name Maria, and also the five wounds of Christ. The rose also represents the faith that is nurtured to bloom in our children.

The Book represents the St. Mary educational experience provided through the religious teachings of the faith, and the academic, social and scholarly disciplines of our school curriculum.