16th Annual Walkathon - Thank You!

With your help, we were able to raise over $50,000!

16th Annual Walkathon Friday, May 18, 2018
Shining our Light on Art, Music, and Language Enrichment for our Children


WHAT A WALK! Over $50,000 raised!

St. Mary's 16th Annual Walkathon
On Friday, May 18, our students and St. Mary community celebrated its 16th Annual Walkathon! The Walkathon, with a fundraising goal of $45,000, celebrated the Golden Jubilee of Saint Mary. Students studied the history and significance of the school and the historical events that took place during its founding in 1782 and re-opening in 1968. The walk route included Old St. Joseph’s Church, Holy Trinity Church, and Old St. Mary’s Church - the original sending parishes that created Saint Mary's unique and influential "inter-parochial" status.

Thank you, Walkathon Event Sponsors!

Special thanks to our Walkathon Event Sponsors,

The Ermilio Family

The Bhullar Family

The Koger FamilY

The Montgomery Family


We value their sponsorship and encourage you to support these organizations as well as our other sponsors.

Our Event Book is also a fantastic way for St. Mary families to support each other! This will be distributed to our St. Mary community in early June. Please support our Event Book sponsors who continue to show their support for St. Mary Interparochial School.


With your help, we were able to raise over $50,000 that will go towards supporting our Art, Music and Language Studies for the children of our school. Thanks to pledges collected by our students and donations made by our benefactors, we can continue to enrich our curriculum with vibrant programs in these essential subjects!

Congratulations and thank you for supporting St. Mary Interparochial School!