Congratulations to Our Carver Science Fair Winners!

On Friday, March 24th, the annual George Washington Carver Science Fair winners were honored at The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University. Eleven St. Mary's students were honored with awards in eight different categories including earth science, biochemistry, computer science, chemistry, engineering, environmental science, microbiology and consumer science.

Here are Each of our award winners:

Carver Science Fair: Max KeerEARTH SCIENCES: Max Keer (left) – 1st place 

Carver Science Fair: Adira Pryor, Lidia LapinskiBIOCHEMISTRY:  Adira Pryor (fourth from left) – 2nd place, and Lidia Lapinski (left) – Honorable Mention 

Carver Science Fair: Julian CurliunoCOMPUTER SCIENCE:  Julian Ciurlino (left) – 2nd place 

Carver Science Fair: Morgan Kane, Joseph Hollahan, William SimsCHEMISTRY:  Morgan Kane (second from right) – 2nd place, Joseph Hollahan (left) and William Sims (third from right) – Honorable Mentions

Carver Science Fair: Amanda RiveraENGINEERING:  Amanda Rivera (second from right) – 3rd place 

Carver Science Fair: Thomas CombsENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE:  Thomas Combs (second from left) – Honorable Mention and a Special Award

Carver Science Fair: Sabine Cress, Christopher GalelliMICROBIOLOGY: Sabine Cress (left) and Christopher Gallelli (third from left) – Honorable Mentions

Carver Science Fair: Giovanna McKinleyCONSUMER SCIENCES:  Giovanna McKinley (left) – Honorable Mention 

Congratulations to all who participated in the Science Fair and make St. Mary's proud!