​​AoP Featured Teacher - January

Mrs. Pimpinella named AoP Featured Teacher for the month of January!

Congratulations to Mrs. Denise Pimpinella, our 6th-8th Spanish and Honors Math teacher, for being recognized as AoP Tech's featured teacher for the month of January!


"As a foreign language teacher, I am always in search of ways that I can encourage and monitor peer-to-peer conversations with my students. With large classes sizes, it is impossible for me to monitor all “turn-and-talk” or partner speaking activities. Flipgrid allows students to facilitate short pre-recorded conversations in Spanish (or any other language) while allowing students to prepare and reflect on their own speaking skills.  This tool allows both for the modeling of personal communication and expression while also providing unlimited “do-overs”. FlipGrid feels so natural for students to use because its interface is similar to tools they already are familiar with such as Snapchat. I believe that it is partly the reason FlipGrid has been such a successful tool in my classroom."

Read more about how Ms. Pimpinella uses FlipGrid to infuse creativity into her elementary classroom by clicking here